Jami default install is missing a dependancy qt6-shadertools

I installed Jami from pamac, and it would not display it showed it was running but was unable to show app.

Then ran from terminal which threw following error.
qrc:/qt-project.org/imports/Qt5Compat/GraphicalEffects/DropShadow.qml:6:1: Cannot load library /usr/lib/qt6/qml/Qt5Compat/GraphicalEffects/private/libqtgraphicaleffectsprivateplugin.so: (libQt6ShaderTools.so.6: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory)

Installed qt6-shadertools

And it worked.
There was an option in the install to choose graphical effects, however it needed qt6-shadertools
added afterwards.

Packaged by Arch Linux and inherited as is on Manjaro. Was flagged out of date Arch Linux - jami-qt 20220726-1 (x86_64) and a newer version is in Arch testing, but i still don’t see qt6-shadertools added as dependency.

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Saw the qt6-shadertools issue on Arch forums.

I was trying to use it for SIP calls. Could not get it to work. Looks like the focus is on Jami to jami messages.

Ended up using baresip which works once you figure out the text based config.

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