JACK Firefox no sound after new kernel update

Hi there

I am using a pro-audio install with cadence to use my audio interface. Since the latest kernel update (5.10.2-2-MANJARO) youtube/spotify doesn’t have audio VLC works just fine…

Anybody in the same boat know how to resolve?

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Do you have an audio connection Pulseaudio JACK Sink ?

If so, check pavucontrol --tab 1 (or PulseAudio controls specific to your Desktop Environment) to ensure Firefox is using that Sink for audio playback

You may want to set PulseAudio JACK Sink to be the default-sink so audio streams will attempt to connect to JACK first for audio playback

pacmd set-default-sink jack_out

Also check JACK connections in the catia patchbay
Pulseaudio JACK Sink will usually auto-connect to system output (the audio device you selected to use in JACK)

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Thanks for your reply.

I checked apparently it works if I manually connect firefox to the audio output. Firefox 84 doesn’t connect to the audio output automatically. Any way to change this behavior? Cause every time I pause a video or put a new one I have to reconnect manually… And I don’t use pulseaudio. Only Jack->Alsa sink

Check that Cadence settings Self Connect Mode is set to Don’t restrict self-connect requests
any other option could prevent an automatic connection

I used to use ALSA loopback connections a long time ago
(before Cadence was created and Firefox did not require PulseAudio)
based on this article from 2009:
Bridging the Gap: Using Jack with Non-Jack Apps | The Penguin Producer
and this
4.1 Creating permanent Jack clients using alsa in and alsa out | alsa.opensrc.org
there might be something from those links that may help you with Cadence

I stopped using ALSA loopbacks because I could not get a persistent audio connection

I also tried compiling Firefox to run in JACK, but that has the same limitations as using ALSA loopbacks - the connection is not persistent and would usually auto-connect to system output

Firefox behaves the same in PulseAudio (multiple audio streams from browser tabs are not persistent) but the PulseAudio JACK connections can maintain fixed audio connections

I would prefer to have a way to use just ALSA and JACK without need for PulseAudio but it it is the best working option for what I need with JACK most of the time
and PulseAudio can still be suspended or shutdown temporarily If some tasks require maximum JACK performance