Jack client wont stay "on" in "manjaro Audio" software/system setting

I installed manjaro-pipewire package and got all software but still cant use jack with pipewire, it keeps setting itself to off after i go out of the software.

JACK message log should show any errors if JACK is unable to start or keep running

I think Pipewire runs as a replacement for JACK and both cannot be used together
but I do not know for sure as I have never tried Pipewire

My understanding is the same. You either use PipeWire or JACK, not both and the same time. PipeWire can provide a compatibility layer so that JACK applications run seamlessly.

I want to use pipewire as jack, thats what i tried in ardour but it didn’t work. I think i actually forgot to use jack-dropin thing or something that makes jack applications use the right pipewire jack libraries.

Pipewire documentation is still limited and has a lot of aspirational comments instead of substance

This from the Wiki suggests that Pipewire and JACK could be used together

JACK · Wiki · PipeWire / pipewire · GitLab
We would like to have PipeWire take care of all audio devices but give an option to run JACK natively on demand
For this we would use the DBus device reservation API

But the next page explains why this is only a ‘would like to’

Limitations in 0.3 · Wiki · PipeWire / pipewire · GitLab
No jackdbus yet

Considering some of the other unsupported features mentioned, Pipewire is no good for what I need

  • Internal clients not implemented
  • Freewheeling not implemented
  • Latencies not implemented