Iwlwifi on Kernel 5.8 broken

Well, once I updated to kernel 5.8, it appears that my wifi card (intel ax200) has a very slow connection if it connects at all.

I can provide any output you guys want so long as you feed me the commands, but here’s a start.

➤ modinfo iwlwifi | grep firmware
firmware:       iwlwifi-100-5.ucode
firmware:       iwlwifi-1000-5.ucode
firmware:       iwlwifi-135-6.ucode
firmware:       iwlwifi-105-6.ucode
firmware:       iwlwifi-2030-6.ucode
firmware:       iwlwifi-2000-6.ucode
firmware:       iwlwifi-5150-2.ucode
firmware:       iwlwifi-5000-5.ucode
firmware:       iwlwifi-6000g2b-6.ucode
firmware:       iwlwifi-6000g2a-6.ucode
firmware:       iwlwifi-6050-5.ucode
firmware:       iwlwifi-6000-6.ucode
firmware:       iwlwifi-7265D-29.ucode
firmware:       iwlwifi-7265-17.ucode
firmware:       iwlwifi-3168-29.ucode
firmware:       iwlwifi-3160-17.ucode
firmware:       iwlwifi-7260-17.ucode
firmware:       iwlwifi-8265-36.ucode
firmware:       iwlwifi-8000C-36.ucode
firmware:       iwlwifi-9260-th-b0-jf-b0-46.ucode
firmware:       iwlwifi-9000-pu-b0-jf-b0-46.ucode
firmware:       iwlwifi-SoSnj-a0-gf-a0-56.ucode
firmware:       iwlwifi-SoSnj-a0-gf4-a0-56.ucode
firmware:       iwlwifi-ty-a0-gf-a0-56.ucode
firmware:       iwlwifi-so-a0-gf-a0-56.ucode
firmware:       iwlwifi-so-a0-hr-b0-56.ucode
firmware:       iwlwifi-so-a0-jf-b0-56.ucode
firmware:       iwlwifi-cc-a0-56.ucode
firmware:       iwlwifi-QuQnj-b0-jf-b0-56.ucode
firmware:       iwlwifi-QuZ-a0-jf-b0-56.ucode
firmware:       iwlwifi-QuZ-a0-hr-b0-56.ucode
firmware:       iwlwifi-Qu-b0-jf-b0-56.ucode
firmware:       iwlwifi-Qu-c0-hr-b0-56.ucode
firmware:       iwlwifi-QuQnj-b0-hr-b0-56.ucode
firmware:       iwlwifi-Qu-b0-hr-b0-56.ucode

➤ modinfo iwlwifi | grep parm
parm:           debug:debug output mask (uint)
parm:           swcrypto:using crypto in software (default 0 [hardware]) (int)
parm:           11n_disable:disable 11n functionality, bitmap: 1: full, 2: disable agg TX, 4: disable agg RX, 8 enable agg TX (uint)
parm:           amsdu_size:amsdu size 0: 12K for multi Rx queue devices, 2K for AX210 devices, 4K for other devices 1:4K 2:8K 3:12K 4: 2K (default 0) (int)
parm:           fw_restart:restart firmware in case of error (default true) (bool)
parm:           nvm_file:NVM file name (charp)
parm:           uapsd_disable:disable U-APSD functionality bitmap 1: BSS 2: P2P Client (default: 3) (uint)
parm:           enable_ini:Enable debug INI TLV FW debug infrastructure (default: true (bool)
parm:           bt_coex_active:enable wifi/bt co-exist (default: enable) (bool)
parm:           led_mode:0=system default, 1=On(RF On)/Off(RF Off), 2=blinking, 3=Off (default: 0) (int)
parm:           power_save:enable WiFi power management (default: disable) (bool)
parm:           power_level:default power save level (range from 1 - 5, default: 1) (int)
parm:           disable_11ac:Disable VHT capabilities (default: false) (bool)
parm:           remove_when_gone:Remove dev from PCIe bus if it is deemed inaccessible (default: false) (bool)
parm:           disable_11ax:Disable HE capabilities (default: false) (bool)

➤ uname -a
Linux manjaro 5.8.6-1-MANJARO #1 SMP PREEMPT Thu Sep 3 14:19:36 UTC 2020 x86_64 GNU/Linux

The only other things I’ve changed is this in /etc/modprobe.d/iwlwifi.conf:

options iwlwifi power_save=0
options iwlwifi 11n_disable=1
options iwlwifi bt_coex_active=0

I am seeing “Connected” upon signon, then dropped connection within a minute. Unable to sign back on, Network Connections appear normal. Never occurred with kernels 5.4 or 5.7, persistent failure in 5.8.1/2/3. Intel 3168 card.

Yeah, it’s weird, according to Intel this driver should work with any kernel version 5.1+

It’s really making me consider going back to Windows. Ugh. I also hate doing cable runs.