IWD on Pinephone instead of wpa_supplicant

Just a request or maybe more of a question to the great people working on Manjaro on Pinephone. I’ve had problems multiple times with wpa_supplicant, to connect to my wpa3 and wpa2/wpa3 networks. I experimented a bit in the wpa_supllicant config file, but could not get it to work. I know I had the same problems on x86_64 Archlinux, and there I “fixed” it by using iwd.
I wanted to try iwd on my pinephone, but multiple cryptomodules aren’t enabled in the kernel.
I could try to build the kernel myself, but I wanted to know if there is a good reason why those aren’t included by default? And then the question, with the good experiences I made with iwd, couldn’t be iwd used for default?