I've experienced significant drop in performance after installing Optimus Manager

So ever since I installed Optimus Manager I’ve noticed that some of the software I use works slower than it did before. I’ve checked and it’s running on Nvidia but to be sure I checked the integrated option and it’s still worse than before. I’m guessing that might be related to Optimus Manager but it might be something else.

I honestly dont like the utility.

But I think the obvious point is … how does your system work without it ?

(you seem to already answer that question … but then it begs another - why use optimus manager?)

So the system worked perfectly fine but from what I’m understanding without it being installed the system decides which software to run on the integrated GPU and which on Nvidia which can be often annoying.

Its not really ‘decide’ … or rather it is ‘you decide’ …
It would be the iGPU until you tell it to use dGPU.

glxinfo | grep renderer
prime-run glxinfo | grep renderer

So I did some searching and the performance drop is just a normal thing for the Optimus Manager.

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