Italian language in the forum

I would like to help creating the italian language in the forum, now I see that there’s only portoghese, german, french, spanish, russian and chinese. Let’s do it with more languages

Every language category must be moderated, be aware that this will cause extra work for us. So far I have not seen this request within the last two years, i.e. there might be not many users only be able to communicate in Italian language. :balloon:

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Hmm I see it makes sense, I would like to help somehow with my language skills, maybe with transalation on other things in the manjaro project.

A Klingon section would be interesting … BAZINGAAA


better than esperanto lol

NuqneH :left_speech_bubble:


This lead me here:

Marc Okrand on Klingon - YouTube

which is fairly interesting, actually. :wink:
He apparently created the language.

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One can learn it on Duolingo, they have the full course for Klingon, Esperanto, Latin and many other languages.

… I couldn’t :wink:
I would never pick up a language which I could not actively use.
Klingons (and ancient Romans) are hard to come by :wink:

not yap wa’ Hol.

I don’t care?
… I don’t care whether I was even close :wink:

For now you can post in #languages and use the #italiano tag.

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