It is very difficult to perform a system update using Add/Remove Software

Trying to upgrade all packages via the Add/Remove Software app is difficult, to say the least.

I always want it to work, and whenever I do, I always end up not succeeding.

For example, what is the following supposed to mean?

The second popup window covers the previous popup window.

Ok, so am I supposed to press Cancel, Edit Build Files, or Apply?

This is totally confusing and not a good experience: the user has no idea what to do.

I clicked Cancel. Now the second popup says:

The only option is Close???

New Linux user says:

Ok?.. Now what?.. I can’t perform a system update???.. Um??..

… ??? . . . . . ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I’m just trying to point out how difficult the UI experience is. I am experienced with the CLI tools, so I can take care of this from a terminal (as I always do, because the UI never works).

Please fix the UI experience! :pray:

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Best would be to create a bug report on the issue tracker:

Provide as much details as you can. (Which packages are to be upgraded. Steps to reproduce the issue…)

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Always click Refresh the databases first — that’ll fix a lot of issues :slight_smile:

Then click Apply at the bottom.

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