It is recommended to install pulseaudio in the latest manjaro i3?

There is only alsa in the past version. It can’t use bluetooth headphone in manjaro i3. I checked archwiki and found that it need pulseaudio. I try to install it, but it doesn’t work. So is it possible to pre installed pulseaudio on the latest manjaro i3 iso.


What is the error you get? Is at install or after installation? Did you reboot if you installed it successfully? Did you try to enable it manually? Since is a user service, it has to be done by:
sudo systemctl --user enable pulseaudio

How to config sound output by bluetooth headset in manjaro i3 - Support for Community Editions - Manjaro Linux Forum This is what I tried to do before. Specific error can see the above website address. It’s after installation and I have reboot after install it successfully. I have tried it as you suggested, but it didn’t work, so I want pulseaudio can be configured when it’s pre installed.

What is the output of:
systemctl --user status pulseaudio

The reason why is not installed by default, is simple, most users of i3 prefer just alsa.

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In order to install pulseaudio, you may use the preinstalled installation script!

Superkey + Return to open a terminal, then punch in install_pulse !

Might have to add sudo at the beginning, but you can try either ways.

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