Issues with USB Network Adapters (Realtek essentially)

Hi all!

Since a couple of days, I’ve been experiencing some network issues.
First of all, I have a Lenovo X13 (which does not have any Ethernet port) running Manjaro with Kernel 5.15.

When accessing internet with my dock-station, everything works fine. But when I use a Realtek USB Ethernet adapter, the interface does not show when doing a ip a.
However, the adapter is listed when doing an lsusb.
I tried to install the package realtek-firmware to resolve this issue, but get the message below:

could not satisfy dependencies:

  • removing linux-firmware breaks dependency ‘linux-firmware’ required by linux515

But I think my issue goes deeper than the Realtek adapters: when I try a Asix USB Ethernet adapter, everything works fine for… 10 minutes! After that, I loose my internet connection and need to do a dhclient -r enpXXXX && dhclient enpXXXX to get it back!

I’m completely lost with these stranges behaviours… if someone could help me on this, I’d really appreciate!


Look in Pamac for: ethernet adapter - hopefully one is o.k. packets in AUR are o.K. this time…