Issues with Manjaro installation, the new Kernel 510 and NVIDIA graphic card

I had to fall back to windows for my work for the time being because since the support for kernel version 59 was dropped I encountered countless issues with Linux and my hardware.

I stopped using proprietary NVIDIA drivers because after hours of troubleshooting I wasn’t able to boot into any Linux distro or boot media with proprietary driver and Linux kernel 510.

I could get it to work with with Arco Linux and Manjaro when I used the open source Nouveau driver but unfortunately I encountered the exact same issues on both distros. I switched back to Manjaro because I couldn’t fix them on Arco Linux but on Manjaro I realized I am not able to fix them either.

I use three monitors ACER KG271 2560x1444_144, ACER KG271 2560x1444_144 and ACER KG271 2560x1444_75. All of them use Display Port 1.2. They are connected to my NVIDIA graphics card GEFORCE GTX 1080.

When I am booting into my system it sometimes starts the XServer properly and I am able to log into GNOME. Most of the time it gets stuck on boot and when that happens I am not even able to get into any TTY. Though, when I am able to log into GNOME all of my Monitors will be recognized from the system but only two of them turn on. The monitor that never turns on is one of the ACER KG271 2560x1444_144. The monitor will be recognized by xrandr tho and it is usable space… I simply wont get any output. Plus sometimes my keyboard won’t turn on. This happens when my desktop environment loads and when it won’t load. Only after connecting and disconnecting it back and forth it might turn on.

I did have the same or similar issues on Arco Linux when I was using a different desktop environtment(XFCE) and display manager(LightDM) but for now I want to find out what the issue is on Manjaro because I am planning to keep using Manjaro.

I am able to boot into a TTY when I am passing the option 3 in the “linux line” in the grub boot loader. That basically means that I boot without display manager or graphical environment. Also worth mentioning that my xorg.conf should be fine because I used Manjaro for a year already with proprietary NVIDIA driver. I began to experience these issues when I upgraded from kernel59 to kernel 510.

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Have you seen this?

So, you might be affected by that issue. Once there will be a fix from Nvidia, it will be available via MHWD in Manjaro too.

Thanls. I am going to read into it. But is it also related to my Keyboard issues? Will usb be affected bey NVIDIA driver?

Because I experienced this isntability with Nouveau and NVIDIA driver.

The keyboard issue might be related to TLP, that on Desktop PC i recommend to remove it, but if Xorg crashes because of faulty video drivers, then nothing will work actually, including keyboard.

Is there anything useful I can provide to get a grasp of the issue? Maybe sending log files to NVIDIA as a bug report?

See here, they have reproduce issue so …wait, work in progress.

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