Issues with login to forum

I needed to recreate my account after recent issues with whole forum done from scratch but then some other issue appeared as I can login under e.g. linux in some browser (currently it’s Chrome) but can’t login on other browsers and can’t login when working on Windows 10.

I don’t even know if I would login after logout from this linux Chrome.
I even used password manager to import all passwords so they are bit to bit same but either way login is rejected like it would treat them and login name as wrong or are some limitations like if I wan’t to login on any other browser/system I need before this to logout from current browser so Manjaro forum login mechanism to have information about user account is disactivated?

Maybe that’s where the problem lies, i.e. maybe they are not byte-for-byte the same, or maybe they are but then the original had a typo in it that the others have inherited.

I’m not using any password manager here ─ although I have set up each of my browsers to remember the passwords I enter ─ and I’m not having any problems at all with either manual or automatic logins.

I’m not having any such problem here either. As the matter of fact, I connected to the forum with four different browsers yesterday while I was still connected though Chromium.


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I hate walls of text :face_vomiting:
(Press enter after a period and keep sentences short please…)

As for the topic:
I have no problem here either, and no idea what his exact problem is.

I used to be carefull dealing with people who send vomiting emojis when there’s no issue to hate…

How do You sense to describe an issue shortly providing all the details? It’s like with learning programming.

I don’t create walls of text scam spam. These suggestions I may understand as ‘Would You make next time less text all together and more air between to make it more easy to read’.

But often such suggestions are almost same like demanding that a person dealing with unknown issue would know magically all the steps what to do or if to learn programming to know magically how to describe an issue to others know exactly how to help…

If a person doesn’t know the issue completely, then chances are usually low that any description will be provided in few words as then people will answer ‘You didn’t provided any description of the issue’.

think also from such perspective, there are no alphas and omegas here

Exactly thats why i dont spend time to even try to read a wall of text, and just notify of the fact.
So the person needs to re-do it’s post or be left without any help…

Now you have posted a readable reply thats nice, now explain what you problem is with a step-by-step so we old people can understand what your real problem is about.

[offtop: so the main problem is offtopic, that I’m young but stuffed between old people who really don’t understand me → this is tragic trap misconception really for everybody as I deal with…wall like firewall not understanding with each other, hope I helped]

and speaking to the topic:

  • I may stay login on manjaro forum in a certain web browser (Chrome)
  • can’t login on other browser either under linux or windows system (also on Chrome)
  • I tried even password manager which imported that valid password betweeen other browsers but without expected result when used to login
  1. Try to type your password using keyboard.
  2. Maybe you have different keyboard setup between the others.
  3. I have no problem loging into the forum from Desktop (Linux) and Mobile (Phone)…