Issues with Konsole and Yakuake, character "a" is not accepted, "A" is OK

I had this issue here as I thought this to be a KDE-problem. Obviously is not …

Since yesterday (starting the update with pamac -S…" I figured, that Konsole (and Yakuake as well) is not accepting the “a”-character, e.g. pressing:

  • “a” shows nothing
  • SHIFT “a” shows “A”
  • CapsLock “a” shows “A”
  • CapsLock SHIFT “a” shows nothing

Inserting the string “update” by Copy&Paste shows the a.
Furthermore I found, that calling Konsole and Yakuake by K-Runner does not start.

I checked the chronic from Konsole, going backwards from the first issue with “pmc -S…” instead of “pamac -S…” and found the older commands with “a” and nothing extra-ordinary.

I created and activated a new profile in Konsole and - to exclude KDE-issues - installed the standard Keyboard-shortcuts;. Konsole and Yakuake have ben re-installed using Pamac: All both without improvement.

Please help me to get the “a” back. Timeshift-Snapshots are available since March 3rd.
Thank You!

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