Issues with Kernel 6.5.0-1 on VMWare

I’m having big issues with Kernel 6.5.0-1 on VMWare. It both affects Manjaro and CachyOS, so it’s not specific to Manjaro. No problem yet on baremetal.

On 6.5, booting is very slow, hanging for several seconds right before fsck. Then the whole OS is slow, laggy, like playing at 5 fps on a potato. Even opening a terminal feels like lifting a truck. Scrolling pages on Firefox is almost impossible, closing apps with a mouse does not work (but alt+F4 does).

Please note, both these virtual machines are using Cinnamon but given the boot itself is slow, it may affect other DE.

The Manjaro VM is almost 3 years old and has been working like a charm ever since. Kernel 6.4 and 6.1-LTS work perfectly for me. This only happens when I boot the 6.5 kernel.

I don’t have time right now to check dmesg but I will. Does anyone also have issues with 6.5 on VMWare? (worth opening a post for this, I guess)

Here’s the dmesg log. I couldn’t find any obvious error, apart for big gaps on the timeline.

dmesg log

The recommended kernel is 6.1 LTS.

Unless there is a specific requirement - hardware wise - which there is not when running in a VM, there is no need to use 6.5.


You are aware that linux65 is the mainline, so the development kernel? It is not meant to be considered as stable and therefore only for early introducing new features for example. Features can have bugs… so, use at least a stable kernel, longterm kernel preferred.

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Kernel 6.5 seems pretty buggy anyway. I tested it for around 5 minutes. One of the things: spectre-meltdown checker takes about 10 seconds on some of the tests.

I run many arch-based VMs and baremetal. Having them using the same kernel is, sometimes, mandatory for us. It has nothing to do with the hardware.

I am. This post was originally an answer to someone who asked if he should upgrade to 6.5. I merely warned him (and the community) about possible issues with 6.5 on VMWare. Sorry for the confusion.

I had similar issues with 6.5 working fine on bare metal (so far), but not with VMWare (laggy with input issues). I just run 6.4 or 6.1 LTS. ArcoLinux had Xanmod 6.4 kernel in their repo that worked well. I didn’t see anything for VMWare in a search, but VirutalBox usually has updates to support new kernels, so would figure something similar with VMWare?

I just tried 6.5.2 on CachyOS (VMWare) and got the same issue. No news from VMWare yet.

Doesn’t appear to be updated by VMWare yet, but of interest Debian Sid/Trixie just came out with Linux kernel 6.5 and it works fine under VMWare. So VMWare seems to have an issue with Arch based 6.5 kernels, Manjaro and ArcoLinux, so running the 6.1 LTS kernels for now.

using a different distribution with 6.5.x kernels and so far all the new ones in 6.5.x range have the same issues. (at least 3 6.5 kernels)

  • slow boot
  • if you type things, bouncing keys.

workstation 17.02/tumbleweed.

For now I have locked the kernel to
6.4.12-1-default #1 SMP PREEMPT_DYNAMIC Fri Aug 25 08:26:31 UTC 2023 (f5aa89b) x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux

Facing the same issue on Debian Sid with Linux 6.5.0-1 amd64 (inside VMware). Is this issue reported to the Linux Kernel Team?

VMWare Player received an update on Windows (17.5.0 build-22583795) but kernel 6.5 still doesn’t work (I’ve just tried kernel 6.5.5).

The bug affects VMWare Workstation on both Windows and Linux when the VM uses kernel 6.5.x (expect on dedian?).
Kernel 6.4.x is fine.

Kernel 6.6.3 LTS seems to solve it.
Whether it was a kernel issue, a kernel/system components issue, or a kernel/vmware issue, everything is now running as it should with an up-to-date arch-based system and kernel 6.6.3.

Since 6.5 is EOL it’s probably high time for you to switch anyway.
But for future reference. You can just use the 6.1 LTS instead.

As I said, 6.6.3 LTS is fine. No need to go 6.1 anymore.

Not if you want to keep changing kernels constantly, in a short while you will have to move on to 6.7 and so on. Every time risking vmware to not work.
If you do NOT want to keep risking it breaking, using a LTS kernel is recommended.
But the user chooses if to create headaches for themselves or not. :smiley:

Sorry bedna, I don’t know where this is going. Maybe I wasn’t clear on something. This post was never about LTS vs non-LTS, nor how to choose a kernel, nor about kernel recommendations.
I had issues with 6.5 on vmware so I shared it here so that people are aware of a possible problems. Now everything seems to be back to normal with 6.6 LTS, so I let you know.

I understand that. I just wanted you to understand that the problem might arise again, choosing a LTS kernel would probably minimize that risk.
After all, the problem WAS the kernel choice. :slight_smile:

I just wanted, just like you, to spread that information. :heart:

Aww ok, cheers mate :slight_smile:

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