Issues with GPU passthrough: GTX 1060


I really don’t like windows, and use Slackware or Red Hat on every other computer I own. The only reason I have Windows on my main PC is for games. TF2 and other source games use a DirectX to OpenGL interface on Linux that is painfully slow, and tanks performance. I have been trying to use GPU passthrough on a VM for games on windows, but I’ve run into issues. I have the vfio-pci driver installed on the GTX 1060, and run the Manjaro host on my GTX 1050ti. Windows installed on the VM no issues, but when I use the graphics card for display, I get nothing. No console output, and no video output. If I have ROM BAR enabled the CPU graph sticks at 17 percent, and the VM is unresponsive, not even responding to the shut down command. I have to force off. If I turn RAM BAR off, the CPU graph fluctuates a bit, and it responds to the shutoff command in about the same time it did when I used the software graphics console. I use the nouveau driver on the 1050 and lspci -nnv lists the 1060 as using vfio-pci. Is this a BAR space issue with nouveau, or has nvidia disabled passthrough? I’ve seen people say so on other forums, with the fix being “dump your card bios and edit this header about bar space,” with no pictures, further explanation, or help. I see people in the replies thanking them for the help, which is just frustrating as I have no idea what they are saying. I have no idea how to fix this, and any help is appreciated.

-thanks in advance,