Issues with GeForce NOW cloud gaming via Chromium

First off this forum is so organized so I apologize in advance if this is the wrong forum category!

I am using Manjaro, KDE Edition the latest stable build of it.
I recently bought a cheap xbox controller off amazon to try out cloudgaming. I plugged it in on my linux instance and went to the controller settings and can see that it definitely works it shows the button being pressed, etc.

Now before I continue keep in mind I am pretty dumb when it comes to linux configuring/fixing so please don’t be 100% technical :smile:

While using Geforce Now on Chromium I launched my game but realized no input is moving or doing anything on the game.

Is this is an issue related to my linux instance or is it something on the browser I have to configure for my controller to work.

My point of moving to linux was for privacy and I really don’t wanna have to dual boot just to play cloud games.

Hopefully someone can help me out. Perhaps this has nothing to do with Manjaro/Linux and in that case sorry!

Isnt that just a Chrome thing ?
(maybe it works with chromium … but probably would require extra things if it does)

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Did you mean cloud gaming? :wink: I’ve edited your topic title to be more clear. See How to Post.

Technically GeForce NOW does not support GNU/Linux. However, in theory it should work in any browser. Make sure you meet the system requirements.