Issues with copy files from NAS through SMB

Is there anyone meet the same issue as below,

When I try to copy the files from NAS through SMB, some files can be copied successfully, but some will pop “Can’t write the file” message with Dolphin.

I verify this issue is not dependence with file name, file size or disk format(FAT32/NTFS).

When pop error message dialog, I press the “Retry” button, then press “Restore”, the file will be copied successfully. But If I press the “Cancel” button, the file name will be “xxx.part”.

The follow failed file can be download from the “

BTW, some files on this web are passing(no any error message dialog pop) and some are failing for this issue.

Source path and file name:
smb://Game/ROMs/Playstation Portable (PSP)/Sonic_Rivals_EUR_PSP-pSyPSP.iso

Destination path:

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Hi @ShenHsu, and welcome!

I’m no expert and there might be another reason, but this sound like intermittently hardware. Specifically the NAS.

I’d recommend changing the network cable, to start with, as this is the cheaper and easier option.

If that makes no difference, I’d have the NAS device looked at. It might be something small. However, it might also not be that small.

Either way, it doesn’t sound like a Linux/Manjaro issue from what you’ve described.

I hope this helps.

Please provide exact filename (including full directory names) of both source and destination, maybe it is related :wink:

The more details you give the better you help others to help you…

I have also tried to copy the failed file from the same NAS on the Win10, the same file path, and the same file name, it can be copied without any error message.

OK! Please wait for me, I’ll try to reproduce it again and then get more detail information.

OK! I have updated the detail on the first, please check!

Could it be because that path contains spaces?
Are you able to rename that source directory with spaces converted to under score’s and try again?

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I don’t think so, because I mention the passing case previously is also under the same path “smb://Game/ROMs/Playstation Portable (PSP)/”.

The only different is the xxx.iso file.

Would you mind downloading it and having a try?!

I might be completely wrong, but I suggest trying the following:

smb://Game/ROMs/"Playstation Portable (PSP)"/"Sonic_Rivals_EUR_PSP-pSyPSP.iso"

Please don’t shout at people on the forum… (We are trying to help, you can not demand us to help you)
We don’t have access to your NAS so we can not try to download it.

You’re not tech support. And anyway, when I was tech support/systems administrator and a user used that kind of attitude with me, I’d take extra long to look at his/her problem.

So: Thank you!

Back in time, i would have just clicked close issue :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
The fact i don’t here is evidence of my good will :wink:
PS: We are all tech support for each other on these forums…

Back to the problem of the poster…

I couldn’t do that. My seat was directly next to the boss, who knew just enough to be dangerous…
Also, they’d have phoned him directly, and I wasn’t in the mood to get an earful.

I understand perfectly! And, although I don’t know as much as you guys, I do try to help.

So thank you for your troubles!

I mean try to download from the website that I mentioned previously as below , not from my NAS.

“The follow failed file can be download from the “””

I do not shout anyone, and I just provide the more detail information (eg. the real failed file…etc) for debugging it!

I’m sorry for my wrong word. Sorry to make you feel uncomfortable. I have corrected it.

For this issue, I copy it by mouse drag on Dolphin not by command line on terminal, so I can’t do your suggestion.

I really copy another file successfully under the same path “smb://Game/ROMs/Playstation Portable (PSP)/”.

The passing file and failing file are all downloaded from the "".

Using ! is shouting
Because you repeat it, i am not responding to this topic anymore, and will lock it if you keep doing that.

Perhaps IRL he/she/it is one of those loud, shouty people… :man_shrugging:
But whether so or not, @ShenHsu, watch your attitude! @TriMoon and them are here to help of their own free will, on their own time! They don’t have to be here.

And besides, the forum rules states to be courteous.

Although, if you just do it because it’s a rule…