Issues with appearance--maybe gtk or qt issue

Hi all,

I was playing around with themes and DEs in Manjaro. I was running both Cinnamon and Xfce and I also installed Lxqt and LXDE just to play around. Since doing so, I’m having some issues with my windows. Things don’t look right (see images). Is there a way to restore the previous settings, or default theme. I’m a noob so I don’t really understand how Cinnamon themes app does or doesn’t work with Kvantum. Can someone please help?


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Howdy! Could you sudo pacman -S qt5ct and try setting the theme?

  • Restore your last crash-proof backup
  • In case you don’t have one:
    • make one next time before doing stuff like this
    • try things out with a live USB instead of installing everything
    • reinstall
    • start making a crash-proof backup:

If that upsets you, please read this:



Thanks. Noted. Will do! If I use timeshift will this back up both DEs?

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  1. My apologies for not being clear last time: I meant to say it’s a bad idea to have 2 (or worse: more) DEs for a single user. If you have 2 distinct users for a single computer and one prefers another DE: no worries: go ahead.
  2. I use Borg backup for data files and CloneZilla for cold system backups as per the HowTo and the latter will restore your system “as is” since you last shut it down including all the mess you made before you backed up :grin: including all DEs you’ve defined for all of your users.
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