Issues on manjaro update

Pls I need help I just updated my manjaro, after the update my icon pin turn to white then I can’t connect to internet also somebody to help out pls

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Consider reading through a few of the first topics.

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Can you glad me to solve it pls

negative :man_shrugging:

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Because there could be many causes to this.

and we have zero information - I tried to direct him to what is helpful and needed


Can you direct on how to fix it help

And this:

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The issue I have now is the I can’t connect to my app launcher and network, the issue come up after the update

You’ll probably need to follow this:


I say “probably” because without more information, it’s all a shot in the dark…


I think language would be a huge problem here.

You stated that your ‘icon pin turn to white then I can’t connect to internet also somebody to help out pls’.

We can’t tell where one statement ends and another begins.

You know, stuff like:

‘Let’s eat grandma!’ or ‘Eat. You’re dinner!’

Then there’s ‘Twenty five dollar bills’ which makes $100, right?


I don’t know if you get me. I have manjaro before just did updating then am facing the issue of I can’t open my app launcher and network my pin app is gone
Hope you understand me now

Sorry for that I type too fast base on what’s going on in me

What happened is that I updated my manjaro after the updating my pin app I can’t find them

Then I my app launcher is not opening with my network
Hope you understand me

Maybe this will progress more smoothly using a Translator…

What is your native language?


What do you mean by that?? Do you want to help me

How did you insstall it? From the AUR?

Just rebuilt it, then, as you should do after any and all Manjaro updates anyway,

If english isn’t your first language or if you don’t know it well
then you can choose to post in your native tongue.
But there will not be as many people to help you - or you could use a translator like

If you actually know english:
use proper spelling and puncutation.

And put in some effort and read what you have been directed to.


The issue here is not about English if you can understand what I mean that’s cool

Just help out


It is about English, because we don’t understand what you mean…or at least I don’t.


If you’re a native speaker then you were probably taught better, but what really matters is that you need to explain what your issue is, such that others can understand. What’s in your head isn’t what’s in ours.

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