Issues killing redshift processes

I have installed redshift and added the commands below to my i3config file:

bindsym $mod+F2 exec redshift
bindsym $mod+Shift+F2 exec --no-startup-id pkill redshift

and the redshift.conf file looks like this:



the issue is that sometimes I can’t turn it off without rebooting the machine: using mod+shift+F2 doesn’t kill the application but starts another instance on top of the existing one (making the screen increasingly ‘redshifted’…). The bigger problem is trying to find and kill the process once this happens. If I kill all instances visible in the process list on htop, the application remains running and I cannot figure out how to really find and kill that process. A general question here is, how do I find a process that is running but not listed in htop (I’ve fiddled with the setup options without any luck)?

Besides the above, is there a more appropriate way to kill this process than bindsym $mod+Shift+F2 exec --no-startup-id pkill redshift?

According to the Arch Wiki and the program’s website you can send the USR1 signal to redshift to toggle it on and off.

You’ll have to assign the command pkill -USR1 redshift to mod+Shift+F2.

Using mod+F2 once will start redshift (or you can autostart the program in your i3 config file) and mod+Shift+F2 will toggle it on/off.

Give it a try and see how that goes.

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