Issues changing login screen

im currently trying to install login screens on and i keep getting an error that says “unable to install theme. invalid theme package.” my first attempt at a solution was to try to install it from a file, so i went to the website and got it there and i got the same error, so i though i should reboot maybe and i tried both from the add-on installer and the web based installer and still got the same error.

Most of those themes are outdated. Breeze had a rework as most of KDE Plasma modules with the approaching 5.20 release.

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im just trying to get this storekde org/p/1260506

And as you can see, the last time was updated was 1 year ago.

And see the comment on top … :slight_smile:

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so is it not worth the effort

Nope. Breeze looks fine, it works and you can set your custom wallpaper to it. At least you will not get into being locked outside and not able to log in. :slight_smile:

i use Sugar Candy atm but yea i guess ur right thanks

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