Issues building hplip-plugin

I’m having issues with the outdated hplip from the Extras.

$ pamac build hplip-plugin
Cloning hplip-plugin build files...
Generating hplip-plugin information...
Checking hplip-plugin dependencies...
Checking hplip-lite dependencies...
Resolving dependencies...
Warning: cannot resolve "hplip>=1:3.24.4", a dependency of "hplip-plugin"
Error: Failed to prepare transaction:
could not satisfy dependencies:
- unable to satisfy dependency 'hplip>=1:3.24.4' required by hplip-plugin

Hplip-plugin is from aur, which is not officially supported, and you now hopefully understand why. Remove it.


It might only work on the unstable branch where hplip is at the correct version: Manjaro Packages: hplip

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Or test branch in that particular case. Generally speaking

AUR usage != Manjaro stable branch

I tested the scan function of my HP device and it seems to work without it. Marking this as resolved.

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