Issue with sudo/root password

Since few days, I have a strange issue when I need to authorize with my sudo or root password.
When the system asks for it, it returns error, even when carefully repeated. I checked caps look (it was off), I checked my keyboard by writing it down in text editor, all is fine.

So basically, I cannot do any of the admin related stuff. After reboot, all goes back to normal and password is accepted.

I thought this is just one time glitch but no, it repeated once again the next day. Moreover, it looks like the password is working for a first minute or so, then it’s rejected again until the next reboot!

What is happening? How to fix it? Any ideas?

EDIT: It looks like the issue came with the update or installs that I made on 20th August. Today I did another update and removed Octopi, rebooted and so far, all is fine. Maybe it’s gone? Time will tell.

Maybe this helps: setup the root password again, if can login.

in octopi only ?
sudo not use root passord but user

for make test

sudo echo ""
sudo -k
sudo echo ""

No, not in octopi only, everywhere, but I installed back again Octopi a few days ago, with the previous update, so it could have been the reason.
So far, no issue in this session, so maybe Octopi or the update messed something up.

UPDATE: Several hours later, still OK, so I guess this is solved. If not, I’ll reopen the case.

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