Issue with starting /dev/mapper/luks a!@@@@@$: clean, 34/123/files

I have my linux manjaro deepin installed in a usb drive and is encrypted - when i start, between the grub and the login screen I get a message in a black screen with blinking cursor the message looks like this - copying letter by letter -

/dev/mapper/luks-0982f1cc-ab1a-4ae7-a84a-375f462edaab: clean,386376/3736432 files, 3615756/14942951 blocks

Since eventually I get the login screen I have two questions and would be great if someone can help me out

  1. Is this an error, warning or an information message - how do I read this ?
  2. How to stop seeing this ?

This is not an error, but an informative message.
fsck(file system check) was executed and found no issues.

If you want to disable fsck, see: