Issue with run-away kworker process / interrupt gpe61

I am experiencing a weird situation where a kworker process is hogging one CPU core at 100% usage and when I run" grep . -r /sys/firmware/acpi/interrupts/", I see thousands of counts for interrupt gpe61.

I have been searching and apparently gpe61 has something to do with the USB-C port, which I started recently to use to charge my Thinkpad X380.

So far I could not find out, when exactly the interrupt issue arises, it is usually after a while of computer usage.

I found some information in the old forums (kworker_kacpid CPU 100% - Kernel - Manjaro Linux Forum), how to disable the interrupt and so on, but I would like to find out what exactly happens when I disable the interrupt - I mean, should I expect any issues with the charging? Might there be problems with the battery for example? The interrupt is being called and I would like to know what exactly I am disabling.j

Or is this a kernel issue? Maybe I can gather some information to pass on to the kernel devs?