Issue with only some screens appearing in display manager

Thank you for reading!

I’m having an issue setting up manjaro on my desktop, I’m not new to *nix but I’m somewhat new to gnu/Linux and I’m liking manjaro so far except for an issue with my GPUs.

I have an Nvidia GTX 760 and an Nvidia GTX 1050, they both use the same driver and I have the proprietary drivers installed right now but I also tried with the open-source ones too.
For whatever reason only one of my GPUs seems to be outputting display to my monitors, the other just doesn’t seem to do anything, not even a black screen it stays completely idle after boot.

I’ve been having a really tough time diagnosing this, if users could point me toward the relevant docs id be happy to take a look. I scoured through the display set up for arch and manjaro and I didn’t find any advice or at least I didn’t know it was helpful.
Again thanks for reading, looking forward to your comments.