Issue with mixed languages in UI

Located in France with a time zone set automatically to Paris time but language set to English (US), yet the date is in french in the calendar bit : would be happy to share a screenshot but can’t seem to upload or add a link.

is there a configuration issue or is it a bug ?


Thomas R.

Timezone is pretty specific - and set by you.
The connection with the set language does not seem obvious to me …

I guess that the question I have after reading this is:

What is the problem? :wink:

I believe I have the same ‘issue’ altho it does not bother me.

As @ThomasR I have language set to English(US) and my timezone set to CET (Amsterdam, Netherlands) and the calendar uses the Dutch date format with day’s/months are in dutch in the calender. This is by design and it seems proper to me to use the timezone’s default. It is possible to change the format:
settingsregion & language formats

This might be a useful post if the setting you seek does not exist

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