Issue with external ssd

Hello community brand new to Linux… I installed manjaro yesterday and I love the new system. Everything is working except for external SSD’s. I already went into setting and I ticked the automatically mount removable media option. There are also to columns the On Login and On Attach options. I have tried ticking both options and only On attach. The drives mount but if I removed the drive and re attach it is no longer recognized. The only way it can be remounted is if I log out and log back in. The drive works well under windows its partitioned as exFAT. When the drive does not automount I have checked lsblk and it does not list as an available drive.

The only way I can make the drive mount is if I login with the drive attached…

I just want to avoid having to logout and back in any time I need to attach a drive.

ExFAT is one of the file formats not typically supported by linux. If you are looking for something “working” with both windows and linux, I’d recommend NTFS as file system.

I don’t know what desktop environment you’re using but in Xfce I can avoid this issue by not just disconnecting the drive but instead opening file manager, right-clicking the drive, picking ‘Eject’ and then disconnecting it.

thanks… I also tried with an NTFS drive and it only mounts if I attach the drive logout and then log back in… Prior to removing the drive i click on safely remove. I am using KDE