Issue with DaVinci Resolve 18 under Manjaro


Since last update of Manjaro package for video libs, DaVinci Resolve has stopped to work.
Error returned by DaVinci was : opt/resolve/bin/resolve: symbol lookup error: usr/lib/"

To help people in the same situation as I was, I writing down here what I did to make it work.

A walkaround was to disable*, so I decided to create a _disabled directory in the /opt/resolve directory and to move there all files relative to* with a :frowning:
sudo mv libs/* _disabled/

therefore 3 files have been moved to _disabled directory: โ†’ โ†’

And now I can run DaVinci Resolve 18 without any issue.

Have fun

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Iโ€™m curious and you didnโ€™t mention it, did you first try rebuilding DaVinci, because thatโ€™s often whet is needed for AUR packages after a Manjaro update.

DaVinci Resolve includes an older version of glib2 libraries that do not work with system pango libraries

Resolve should work if system libglib is preloaded:

LD_PRELOAD="/usr/lib64/" /opt/resolve/bin/resolve

DaVinci Resolve - Unable to start (libpango/glib) - ArchWiki

Or delete Resolve libglib to use working system libglib

sudo rm /opt/resolve/libs/*

Davinci resolve no longer opens after updating from fedora 37 to 38 - StackExchange

Moving files as suggested in post #1 would also work but there is no need to retain the files

AFAIK DaVinci Resolve is a proprietary software and therefore source code is not available.