Issue with automount partitions at boot and unmount at shutdown

Hi, new member here!

I recently (few months ago) bought a new laptop and i decided to move from linux mint to manjaro.
The installation works flawlessy and i haven’t encountered “big issues” so far; the only thing i can’t figure by myself is an issue with the automount of ssd partitions at boot.

I created a partition for DATA separated from the OS, and i have a little NAS. I set up the mount points in /etc/fstab. But unlike the old notebook, it fails to mount at boot (i think it try to mount before connecting to wifi). I need to use sudo mount -a to see my partitions mounted.

When i try to shutdown the pc, if i have those partitions mounted it won’t shutdown: it exit from xfce, the screen turns black and i have a blinking dash on the top left corner.
I need to force the shutdown long-pressing the power button.

It’s a known issue or i am a “lucky guy”?

This looks relevant.

Many Thanks! i’ll read carefully what you linked