Issue when reopening draft

When attempting to reopen a draft, the draft refuses to open, and the + sign changes to parts of the “open draft” text.

The issue only appears to happen sometimes, but I’ve consistently gotten it to work with the following:

  1. New post:
    a. Title: asdf
    b. Category: any, but tested with Feedback > Forum
    c. Tags: tested with none
    d. Body: asdf

  2. Click the arrow in the top right of the editor

  3. Click the X

  4. Click “Save draft for later”

  5. Attempt to reopen draft from + button

Edit: Reloading the page makes it revert back to the “New Topic” button. The issue also happens via entering the post layout mentioned above and then reloading right after.

Maybe it’s a UI bug from a post not being saved (due to lack of characters in it)?

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Please file a bug here as that’s the platform we’re using…


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