Issue when I open Nautilus : No translation file found for domain

I am currently on Manjaro Gnome, but have KMines installed because I got irritated by a bug in the flag.svg in GNOME Mines. My guess is doing this has broken/edited some conflicting file which is causing the error.

The error:

When i type on the terminal


and run it, the home directory opens and nautilus works, but the terminal shows the following message:

** Message: 19:00:53.980: Connecting to org.freedesktop.Tracker3.Miner.Files
GSConnect: [Errno 2] No translation file found for domain: 'org.gnome.Shell.Extensions.GSConnect'

Additionally, the program does not terminate on keyboard interrupt by Ctrl+C or on typing exit. The only way it ends as far as I understood was to kill the terminal.

Nautilus itself runs pretty seamlessly. I am not sure why the error happens, but I am concerned if it could be an indicator of some underlying bigger issue?

@mirdarthos Should it not end then when I close Nautilus?

it is just a message - not an error

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Hi @raunakseksaria,

If I remember correctly, this: :point_down:

…is only Gnome’s file indexer and would have run invisibly in the background had you opened it with the icon on the desktop.

This is expected, as Ctrl + C only works for/is for command-line applications. Unless, of course, you customize it and sett it differently. However, I use KDE, so don’t know where/how to set it in Gnome.


I believe it does, but in the terminal, where you are is only the message you’ve given, and the process had been killed. And/or it might continue to run in the background if there are still files for it to index.

However, since I don’t use Gnome as I mentioned, this is only a guess and I might be wrong.

No, nautilus runs as a GApplication Service. To exit it, run the following in another terminal:

nautilus -q

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