Issue changing mouse cursor (KDE Plasma)

I just did a fresh install of KDE Plasma (minimal install). I encountered an issue when trying to change my mouse cursor to a custom downloaded one (Sweet-cursors).


  • After downloading and applying the new cursor theme, I did a logout/login.
  • I noticed that the new icon worked on some places, but not on others. For example it did not work on window top title bars.
  • It seems like the cursor falls back to the KDE default (the old ugly one), not even the system default of Breeze

First Attemped Solution (Did Not Work)
Uninstall / reinstall of cursor

  • Did not work

Second Attempted Solution (Did Not Work)

  • I modified my home directory ~/.icons/default/index.theme with the following
    • Inherits=Sweet-cursors

Third Solution (Works)

  • I copied the Sweet cursor theme to /usr/share/icons
  • I modified /usr/share/icons/default/index.theme
    • Inherits=Sweet-cursors

My preference is not to modify system files, but I could not get it to work any other way.

My question is was I doing something wrong or is there another (more correct) way to solve this problem that I have overlooked?



Not that I know of, as that is what I also do.

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