Issue after newest Update booting

Okay so yesterday I installed the newest updates. But when I rebooted the only thing I see is the Boot screen of Manjaro and after 1-2 seconds just my UEFI logo where it then stucks. When I press the power button again. The Manjaro Boot logo appears again and the Notebook shuts it self down. I used a live usb stick to get into chroot and changed my grub config so that there is no quiet attribute. When I restarted I see some text for a second (it is way to fast to see something) and then just a blinking cursor where it keeps stucking again (I assume that the blinking cursor is the part where I just got displayed the UEFI logo).
I was able to restore my system using a live usb stick and Timeshift but now idk what to do with the update.

I fixed it using After update Manjaro won't boot to Gnome Login - #3 by kaiWizardly

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    Issue after newest Update booting - #2 by itzyanick

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