Isobuild fails on [live-overlay]

I wanted to learn how to build an iso so I followed the wiki and my first issue was it couldn’t find octopi and I didn’t want that anyways so I replaced optopi and anything octopi related with pamac. Then I tried again and got this error. I never deleted a directory so I’m not sure what to do now. should I just make a directory called usr where it says there should be one?

cp: cannot stat '/home/jake/iso-profiles/community/kde-minimal/live-overlay/usr': No such file or directory
==> ERROR: A failure occurred in make_image_live().
--> overlayfs umount: [/var/lib/manjaro-tools/buildiso/kde-minimal/x86_64/livefs]

Can’t find kde-minimal but looking in kde-dev the usr folder is also missing.
I would just copy the usr folder from kde.

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