Iso-profiles: the "squashfs-tools" package listed in list to install, but not present in result package list of fresh image

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## Misc
>basic squashfs-tools

Are there should be the “>basic” prefix? How to know to which package source does it refer to?

Isn’t it a tool to create the ISO itself?

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Also I don’t even know what the >basic line do. the >extra are for the full ISO I think, all other common to minimal and full, but >basic I never even noticed these lines.

if yes, when why is it present in result list of packages in minimal ISO (Releases · manjaro-plasma/download · GitHub)?

But seems to be it is not a workable way to include it into ISO.

Just searched the forum for you What is the bare minium required for a minimal ISO?

no tag = all ISO
basic = only minimal ISO
extra = only full ISO


Oh, you are right: I also checked full ISO package list: the package is absent there.

We have minimal ISO includes somewhat that is absent in full ISO.
So “full” ISO actually not so full. “Minimal” ISO is not so minimal. That’s mind-blowing for me.

I guess there are reasons why this tool is included there and not in all ISO. But at least now we know what the >basic lines are :smiley:

if to leave a comment in the iso profile file we discussed here that could be very helpful and self-explaining with the fast exact answer instead of guessing, search and contacting exact person who realized something new and applied it silently with publicly unknown reason.

absence of useful exact comments make understanding harder and to lose every human resources who tries to understand it on a steps that should went pretty fast to get final result. Sort of hard to read code.


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