ISO Build fails on mounting desktopfs

So I have been building my custom Cinnamon ISO for months in my Virt-Manager enviroment and never had any issues. then last week I get the following error:

 --> Restoring [/home/delinuxco/packages/pkgbuild/buildiso/cinnamon/x86_64/rootfs/etc/pacman.conf] ...
  -> Configuring lsb-release
  -> Cleaning [rootfs]
==> Done [Base installation] (rootfs)
 --> Loading Packages: [Packages-Desktop] ...
==> Prepare [Desktop installation] (desktopfs)
 --> overlayfs mount: [/home/delinuxco/packages/pkgbuild/buildiso/cinnamon/x86_64/desktopfs]
mount: /home/delinuxco/packages/pkgbuild/buildiso/cinnamon/x86_64/desktopfs: mount(2) system call failed: Stale file handle.
==> ERROR: A failure occurred in make_image_desktop().

 delinuxco-vm/delinuxco ~/ 

For some reason it can’t mount desktopfs, system call failed: stale file handle.

I have tried switching kernels, I have updated and rebooted both Host and guest os’ to no avail! THis one has me stumped…

Here is my enviroment:
delinuxco-vm  delinuxco  ~  buildiso -f -p cinnamon -b stable -fqv
[sudo] password for delinuxco:
==> manjaro-tools
-> version: 0.15.10
-> config: ~/.config/manjaro-tools/manjaro-tools.conf
-> gitlab branch: master
-> build_lists: community|default|manjaro
-> build_list_iso: cinnamon
-> is_build_list: false
-> arch: x86_64
-> branch: stable
-> kernel: linux59
==> ARGS:
-> clean_first: true
-> images_only: false
-> iso_only: false
-> persist: false
-> extra: true
-> permalink: false
-> office_installer:
-> dist_name: Manjaro
-> dist_release: 20.1.2
-> dist_codename: Mikah
-> iso_compression: zstd
–> Profile: [cinnamon]
-> iso_file: manjaro-cinnamon-20.1.2-201023-linux59.iso
-> iso_label: MANJARO_CINNAMON_2012
-> autologin: true
-> nonfree_mhwd: true
-> multilib: true
-> extra: true
-> office_installer: false
-> permalink: false
-> netinstall: false
-> chrootcfg: false
-> geoip: true
-> oem_used: false
-> efi_boot_loader: grub
-> custom_boot_args:
-> hostname: delinuxco
-> username: manjaro
-> password: manjaro
-> login_shell: /bin/bash
-> addgroups: lp,network,power,sys,wheel
-> enable_systemd: avahi-daemon bluetooth cronie ModemManager NetworkManager org.cups.cupsd tlp tlp-sleep haveged ufw apparmor lightdm
-> enable_systemd_live: manjaro-live mhwd-live pacman-init mirrors-live
-> disable_systemd: pacman-init
-> strict_snaps:
-> classic_snaps:
-> snap_channel: stable

Well, this is embarrassing, but the issue turned out to be that the VM was running out of space during the build process. I created another virtual drive, moved the Home directory to new drive and everything builds perfectly again.

Note: even though the original vm had 35G of disk space left, it just isn’t enough.

I can be useful to clean your build folders one in a while.

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