ISO addition for remote install

I would think it would be nice to add either/or Teamviewer or Anydesk to the installation ISO’s to aid in helping others do an installation.

Teamviewer and Anydesk are commercial products and as such not allowed to be redistributed.

So not possible.


OK-- Thank You. I didn’t realize.
You can delete the post, if you like. I tried, won’t allow me to.

By the way, nothing is stopping you from making your own ISO with these included: Build Manjaro ISOs with buildiso - Manjaro

Actually, the license is. You can’t redistribute commercial software unless you have explicit permission to do so.

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There is Software in Linux which is capable of doing the same things. Starting with ssh, vnc, x2go …
But they need a working system (like Teamviewer … does)

Nothing is capable of helping repairing a damaged system.

But the forum members are


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It would be for someone, elsewhere. A 2 days drive 1 way. If teamviewer was in the ISO, then would have him download it, and boot to a live OS, I could connect, and then install it and teach them how to install it, and help them run it, and set it up. Not for my use, but someone else. Someone not that advanced. Something simple for them, so I could connect to them.

Not a perfect solution and mostly a thought experiment, it might help avoid a long trip.

Build a live persistent installation with manjaro on a USB drive
Install your preferred remote control tool and set the tool up to autostart.
Share the stick with your partner

With this stick you could in theory install manjaro on the target PC while being remotely logged in.

Not sure about and needs testing:
How you would get calamares to remain on the live USB, a normal install removes it iirc.

The stick will contain credentials if not encrypted this could be a risk of lost/stolen.

The way I will end up doing it, is have them start a live session on USB, talk them through installing teamviewer in the live session, then go from there. Will give that a try…

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