Is 'zeroc-ice' a default package?

i’m seeing shadow.service loaded failed failed Verify integrity of password and group files and i think the problem is user ‘ice’: directory ‘/var/lib/ice’ does not exist

$ journalctl -b -u shadow.service --no-hostname --no-pager
Aug 31 06:34:41 systemd[1]: Started Verify integrity of password and group files.
Aug 31 06:34:42 sh[740]: user 'ice': directory '/var/lib/ice' does not exist
Aug 31 06:34:42 sh[740]: pwck: no changes
Aug 31 06:34:42 systemd[1]: shadow.service: Main process exited, code=exited, status=1/FAILURE
Aug 31 06:34:42 systemd[1]: shadow.service: Failed with result 'exit-code'.

i get the impression zeroc-ice is a default/system package - is that true?

i may have dumped /var/lib/ice thinking it was a leftover from a mumble package i removed

It is not. I didn’t even know that package name 'til now, and it’s notr on my computer:

$ pamac list -i | grep -i zeroc
pulseaudio-zeroconf                   16.1-6                     extra     93.5 kB

…and neither do I have that path:

$ stat /var/lib/ice
stat: cannot statx '/var/lib/ice': No such file or directory

So it’s not default. You can get the files back by reinstalling the package, though:

pamac reinstall zeroc-ice

Hope it helps!

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Answering your question in the title of this thread, zeroc-ice is indeed a package from the official repository, but I do not have it installed on my system, so it’s not part of the default install.

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i installed zeroc-ice to see what would happen and the shadow.service error disappeared, so then i removed the package to see if the error would reappear - it did not, so all is well

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BTW there is a nice script that compares the default package list with the currently installed packages and tells you what is missing - MAnjaro PAcket REstore - MAPARE :slight_smile:

mapare -I -P
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