Is virtualbox 6.1.34 not supported on stable branch kernels?

Virtualbox 6.1.34 on Manjaro KDE, Kernel: 5.15.55-1-MANJARO

Issue: Frequent crashes, graphical glitches/black screen on guest OS.

Found out that virtualbox 6.1.36 supports Linux kernels 5.18, 5.17.12+, 5.15.44+, 5.10.119+

Are there any workarounds? or waiting for 6.1.36 to land in stable my only option, if i don’t want to switch to testing on my main workstation?

Try using an older kernel…should do it…maybe

Virtualbox 6.1.34 had issues - there’s a long tread on the subject - if you had bother to search before asking.

Virtualbox 6.1.36 is in testing and unstable.

Updating your kernel to 5.18 is likely to remedy your issue.

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