Is this the Default behaviour of Polkit?

Is this the Default behaviour for polkit/DBus ?
When ever I need to enter the sudo password via the gui on kde (eg. for changing the sddm theme.) I have noticed that if I don’t enter a password within exactly 25 secs, I get an error :

DBus Backend error: could not contact the helper.
Connection error: Did not receive a reply. Possible
causes include: the remote application did not send
a reply, the message bus security policy blocked 
the reply, the reply timeout expired, or the network
connection was broken..
Message error: ~~blank~~ 

Screenshot for reference :

Is it the default configuration to block any attempts of entering the password after 25 secs have passed ?? Or is there something wrong with my system ?

Yes this is the default behaviour of polkit. You are supposed to enter your password within a certain time limit. It maybe be 5 secs or 25 or x seconds.


Also don’t create multiple topics for the same problem!

+1 :rofl:

He broke all the records of cross posting :sweat_smile:


Well, I have both an archlinux and manjaro system, on my pc and laptop respectively. Both of them were facing this same behaviour, so I decided to rephrase my query from DBus Backend error while entering password in Plasma to Is this the Default behaviour of Polkit?. But I should have just edited that post instead of posting a new one.
My bad, sorry :sweat:

I wasn’t sure if my arch system(pc) and manjaro system(laptop)
were facing the same issue, sure the error message looks identical. BUT all the package versions were different for manjaro and arch, so I was just not sure if the two issues were the same or not. And also, I started getting these errors because I changed the sudo password for both of my systems simultaneously, so it was just taking longer to input my password, hence breaking the password timeout.

Now, I know ! I was under the impression that there was something wrong with my systems and my OCD got the better of me :sweat_smile: I am marking both posts as solved.

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