Is this possible to upgrade packages only to stable?

Hello everyone, newbie here.

So, right now I have the version 2.93 of Blender, and between the releases of 2.93.x we’re going to have 2.94, 2.95, and I want to update only the 2.93.x versions, can I configure pacman to do this?

If that can’t be done, how do I download specific versions and create a shortcut to those versions I downloaded from Blender website, and put that shortcut in my dash to dock to access it easily?

Thank you for your attention.

rather than using the package from manjaro, the AUR has packages for each branch:



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Thanks for the answer.

So, I found the package in the AUR, do these packages have modifications, or is it just the common blender package in version 2.93.x? I couldn’t find information about this on Github or the repository.

blender-2.93-git clones this branch of the repo:

So it will be always v2.93 :wink:


Always check the PKGBUILD and other source scripts

Built from a specific release package - so look at the releases page at Github

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Thanks to everyone for the very informative answers!

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