Is there glib devel packages in repo?

I encounted a problem while compiling, and installing glib-dev (libglib2.0-dev in Ubuntu, glib2-devel in CentOS) will fix it. However I searched “glib dev” in repo and got nothing. Is there similar packages I didn’t find? Thanks.

Manjaro like Arch does not split packages into glib and glib-devel like Debian based distros. The glib package contains what would be in both those packages.

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Thank you. It looks like the problem is related to something other than glib-dev since I have installed glib2.

QEMU is in the AUR, and should be able to be built on Manjaro that way. Hopefully it will be easier for you than building from plain source.

Thanks. In fact I’m building qemu support for a third party tool which is based on forked and customized old QEMU version. Maybe I should go to issues in that repo.

You might want to search the AUR for that. The AUR uses community created build scripts to make building packages easier. You never know whats in there.

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