Is there anywhere to track the progress of a package?

Disclaimer: this may not be the right place to ask, but it is related to the update of a package imported from Arch.

The latest stable update included the long-awaited KiCad 6.0.0, which turned out to be riddled with bugs. 6.0.1 is already in unstable and testing, but I’m hesitant to move my whole machine to the testing branch as it’s my daily driver. Is there anywhere to track the progress of a package that’s in testing, and any way to see a rough ETA of the next stable update?

You can install single package from anywhere you desire:
pacman -U

Just know that you have to be smart about it. In your case it’s probably fine to do it. In some other you might break something.

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There is no ETA for stable releases, it’s out when it’s ready.


Maybe this:

…or maybe not. Your link is an invalid search. :wink:

Arch has RSS feeds for just about everything: Arch Linux - RSS Feeds

It works here. I just fill in the keyword column and it yields results.

Right, but your keyword query is x86_64 which is an invalid search term. I think you meant:

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My usecase may not be the best example as I am fairly proficient in solving issues at hand and I have been very strict which hardware I use as I prefer Lenovo branded business hardware. Lately I have deviated slightly from my hardware choice as I have been using both Nvidia Quadro and currently AMD Pro WX-7100 - even so I have no issues on unstable branch.

That said - I have spent the last 5y on Manjaro unstable breanch and have not had any major issues.

Members with gaming hardware build for Windows - preloaded with Windows - usually has the gratest amount of obstacles during updates.