Is there anyone who use Amazon Kindle for PC via Wine?

Hi all.

I have troubled with Amazon kindle via wine.
Probably after upgrading Manjaro, kindle can’t connect to the Internet with comments below.

“Unable to connect.
Please check your network setting and proxy configuration.
Network settings can be found under Tools > Options > Network”

I have no proxy server and the kindle’s setting is “no proxy.”
I tried removing ~/.wine and reinstalled kindle, but no luck.

I should ask to WineHQ, though, before that, I want to know if there’s
someone who run kindle without problems on Manjaro.

My kindle version is 1.16.0.

Thanks in advance.

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Not sure what you are trying to do but I have a kindle that runs in two modes locally:

  1. connected via a usb connector to view the folders and files on kindle and to upload/download them using a file manager (thunar in my case) to the manjaro file system;

  2. as a free-standing device connected to the internet via a wifi connection. In my case I have no wifi account so I run a program called hostap. This requires a wifi-capable card with antenna/aerial attachment - in my case RTL8192EE.

You need to run a script to start the local wifi.

Sorry for making you confused.
I mean Kindle for PC, Kindle app for Windows.
Now I changed the title “kindle” to “kindle for PC.”

Sorry, no experience of that. I assume none of the AUR kindle tools in the repository are suitable?

Thanks for your comment.
There’s a “kindleforpc,” a orphaned AUR package which I haven’t tried.
I installed Kindle for PC with “winetricks” AUR package like

$ winetricks kindle

Kindle for PC had worked fine till the latest stable update, I think.

Can’t help further, I’m afraid. Good luck with it! :slight_smile:

Thank you.

I’ve tested on newly installed Manjaro but same network problem has occurred.

The exact same thing happens to me. I downgraded Winetricks, yet the issue keeps on.

Use Calibre. I’ve used before and it does work. And I think it will also update your Kindle for you as well.

I’ve reported to WineHQ below as a bug.

I tried. No, this time doesn’t work. :frowning:

Calibre doesn’t work, or won’t update your Kindle?

Kindle for PC doesn’t connect. Calibre is not related in this instance; there’s a long explanation as to why it may be necessary that the books can be accessed from Kindle for PC, but it is beside the point.

I’ll test mine again, but I have loaded books with both Caliber and Thunar.

Now I can connect kindle for PC to amazon with Kindle version 1.30.0.
What I did are following.

  1. uninstall old kindle with command “wine64 uninstaller”
  2. mkdir -p ${WINEPREFIX:-$HOME/.wine}/drive_c/users/$USER/AppData/Local/Amazon/Kindle
  3. install Kindle for PC version 1.30.0.

Have you tried holding the Kindle’s power button and releasing after the device is rebooting?

I had a bunch of slowness and that fixed it. With Other problems I don’t know.

I’m having problem installing Kindle for PC, it gives me the same error about connection.
I cant understand the mkdir command you used: you created the directories in both the wine prefix and the .wine folders?
Would you mind explaining what you did in simple terms to this noob? :joy:
Sorry to bother you, but this is the only thread regarding kindle for pc via wine that doesn’t date back to 4 years ago, so this is my only hope…

Hi Platonio14.
Just create folder $HOME/.wine/drive_c/users/$USER/AppData/Local/Amazon/Kindle .
Without it, you can’t install Kindle for PC version 1.30.0.
Typing “echo ${WINEPREFIX:-$HOME}” will make you understand what it mean.

Honestly speaking, I just copied from a tweet from sagawa_aki.

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