Is there any way to use hot corners in XFCE 4.16?

In DEs like KDE Plasma and Cinnamon, “hot corners” can be configured. The user can move the cursor to a corner/edge of the screen and and that can be mapped to some action (e.g. all windows would be minimized, or all windows will be shown simultaneously, and so on.)

Is something similar available in XFCE 4.16?

I found this project, but is has not been updated since 2015, and its AUR does not build in XFCE 4.16.

Is something else available?

You could try skippy-xd from official repositories or from AUR, but mind you, was not updated since 2016 or something …

There is a fork, last updated in 2020. GitHub - dreamcat4/skippy-xd: A full-screen Exposé-style standalone task switcher for X11.

All it does show all windows, and there is a keyboard shortcut.
There is also a keyboard shortcut (ctrl + alt + D) for show desktop.

But I am looking for configurable hot corners, that can show/hide windows, open new applications and so on.

there’s always the option of keyboard shortcuts.

Hi @archisman ,
Did you read this post:
apps:xfdashboard:4.16:faq [Xfce Docs]

Hope this help, regards.