Is there any way to reset the icon of a software to its default?

I am using the Sweet theme with Candy icon pack. Some icons were not matching with the theme, so, I changed them manually. Icons of some apps like Free Download Manager were not available in the Candy Icon pack, so, I chose a normal download icon from that pack.

Now, I have decided to switch to another theme (Layan) with Tela icon pack. After changing to this icon pack, the icons for Free Download Manager and some other apps (those I manually changed and do not have their icon in the Tela icon pack) are not getting changed. There is not any option to switch to the default icon of a specific app.

I tried to switch to default icons from the settings. But, it is also not bringing the default icons of FDM and such other apps.

Just take a look on the icon of webcamoid and jetbrains toolbox. These apps do not have their icon in Tela icon pack. So, I need to use the default icons of these apps.
Do anyone have idea to revert back to the default icon for a specific app in KDE Plasma?Screenshot_20210514_112429

I don’t know if there’s special handling for KDE.

But I do know that icons are defined in the .desktop file. And I know that .desktop files in the folder ~/.local/share/applications takes precedence over .desktop files in the system location /usr/share/applications.

If you have changed the icon for a given application - there is a good chance the .desktop file has been copied to the local applications folder and the changed icon has been written to that file.

If this is the case - removing the local .desktop file will reset to the default system file.

Thanks for the help. Learned a new thing in Linux.

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