Is there any way to open ports 80 and 443 in Manjaro without touching the router's configuration?

Apparently I can’t change my router config since my ISP doesn’t let me (gotta buy a new one).
I have a program that is able to use the 2234 port without any sort of rule in the router, is there a way to do this with the HTTP and HTTPS ports?

My firewall says that port 80 is being used by nginx, but it is apparently closed when I check in, what does this mean?


Yes, but it’s tricky. If you cannot enable port translation on the router ─ e.g. to have the router forward all WAN-side traffic coming in at port 2234 to port 80 on the local computer ─ then you have to tell the web server software to use another port than 80, and you will have to construct all links to web pages on your computer to include the port number in the URL, like e.g. so… :arrow_down:

It means that port 80 on your local computer is in use by nginx, but that the internet cannot get access to said port because the router or cable modem is blocking it.

This makes sense, because a lot of ISPs block all traffic to ports below 1024 on the WAN-side for domestic internet customers ─ supposedly for protection of your computers, but in reality it is so as to force you into purchasing a more expensive internet contract if you want to run a server from home.

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Thanks, will try this out.

So I will probably be able to use any port from 1024 and above?

Can’t this be solved buying a decent customizable router instead? And putting theirs in bridge mode? Or is this not possible because the whole WAN is affected?

Yes ─ all ports above 1023 are unprivileged and are open for use by userspace applications.

The latter. They are blocking it at their own end of the connection.

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