Is there any way to get files off an HFS+ external drive?

I am coming from the Mac world and have some external drives I would like to get some data off of before reformatting. Is this possible from Manjaro?

if you can , copy HFS+ to exfat files ,
if disk utilities os x accept this

I no longer have an OSX machine here. I should have added that information.


pamac build hfsprogs
Restart and normally mount the partition from File Manager aka Dolphin. If that partition didn’t had journaling on, you will be able to remount even rw mode by running:

sudo mount -t hfsplus -o remount,force,rw /dev/sdYX /run/media/yourname/LABEL

where YX needs to be the real device/partition.

Journaling was definitely on.

Also, I am an ultra noob. “pamac build hfsprogs`” is of zero use to me. Because I have no idea what to do next.

So I formatted an external drive as ext4… Now I cant write to it.

Honestly, this is ridiculous.

in fact, trying to open it in Dolphin gives me a message

“can not enter folder”

Ext4, like all good filesystems, makes use of permissions.
Your (regular) user does not have ownership and/or permissions to read/write that drive/directory.

If you want … you can use sudo powers to make your user the owner of that directory, or other ones within it.

yep, I realized that but didnt know how to fix it until now, I ran this.

sudo chown -R <username> <path to mount point>

and it worked. I am copying files to it now.

Just be careful with -R as its recursive … possibly changing permissions in a away you dont intend.

I appreciate that. Do you have a better recommendation?

Personally, I prefer to leave something like an external the way it is … then create a directory for user ‘X’ … and then its the same command, just without -R.
As seen here:

But … it all depends of course.
Maybe groups is more useful, maybe there is an already existing directory structure you need to take into account, etc etc

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Thanks, reading that now.

For this use case, I am using it to copy files from HFS+ formatted drives, and then they will be used elsewhere. For this period of time, I think -R is ok. After the copying is over with and everything is as I want it, I will look further into changing permissions.

So I thought I should write a follow up. I found a way around my problem. I found an external drive that had stuff on it that wasn’t also on another drive or in another location on my network, and I formatted it as ext4. Then, it was a matter of giving myself permission to write to the drive and copying and pasting the stuff from other drives. Then, formatting the drives I want to use as ext4 as well and everything is golden. I lost no data and have my stuff where I want and I can read and write to it with no problems.