Is there any way to change the green color to blue or other colors in adwaita maia theme manjaro?

Hi, I’m using gnome 40 with manjaro latest version, i want to know if is there any way to change the green color to blue?
I know the default theme of the gnome is blue, but it doesn’t have a compact version of it
and is not beauty :slight_smile:
if there is a way please help
Note: I’ve removed manjaro-gdm-theme but still topbar and other things are green

Change to Adwaita theme as there is no easy way you can change existing theme colors.

Do you mean default Adwaita theme?

Matcha is blue…

If you’re talking about adwaita-maia, you can build adwmod-theme-git from AUR. adwaita-maia is the same theme but with green accents.


You’ll also need to remove manjaro-gnome-assets in order to use the default Adwaita shell theme.

Thanks for this! I was almost there, but hadn’t removed the manjaro-gnome-assets.

Removing this would replace green color with the blue color of adwmod-theme-git that apply to gdm

Yes…that was the whole point, right?

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